Essências de Portugal… We design, create and make soaps with Art, offering an exclusive range of dermatological soaps with essential oils, with certified quality control.

Our main objective is to bring to life our soaps and their history, making them unique pieces, combining them with carefully selected and handcrafted packages that mirror Portuguese culture, transforming each product into a piece of art.

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Alembic used in the extraction of natural essences

Essências de Portugal emerged in 2016 and early excelled by making a difference by offering unique and special products. Keeping this ideal, the brand has evolved naturally and in order to achieve this, it has resorted to local producers in order to incorporate into the products a little of Portugal’s history and what is best done in Portugal, from wood to seamstresses, from cork to essences.

Whoever buys the products will always recognize a little bit of Portugal in them, hence the name Essências de Portugal. With this focus we will show what is greatly done in Portugal through the world.

The customized models and packaging are what distinguishes us in a market that lives from the massification of products and services.
Each customer is treated in a differentiated way in a PARTNERSHIP that will have everything to be a success, finding in Essências de Portugal, the fulfilment of their desires, in the creation of exclusive, limited editions, tailor-made products.